Case Study: LIT Outdoors

November 19, 2018

This year we had the opportunity to team up with two talented entrepreneurs from the University of Utah, Nick Bierwolf and Daniel Goldfinger, to bring their unique idea for the “first portable hammock tent” to life.  As avid hammock enthusiasts frustrated by the amount of territory in the great outdoors without suitable trees, they set out to create a solution, and came to us to design and develop it. A fusion between a tent and a hammock, the LIT Tammock makes hammock camping possible no matter what kind of terrain you find yourself in—no trees required.  Its robust but lightweight internal frame structure is easy to assemble and serves as both a sturdy support system for hanging a hammock as well as structure for the tent body.  It can be used in three modes: as a standalone hammock structure for those nights when you want to sleep under the stars; as a one-man tent for when you need the extra coverage; and finally in its signature setup—a fully enclosed, self-supporting hammock tent. Modaliti was able to help the LIT team take their idea from concept phase and dial in the design all the way up to a factory ready tech pack.  Through several brainstorming sessions, concept sketching, and eventually CAD modeling, 3D printed prototypes, and detailed vector artwork, we supplied them with the blueprints they needed to take to several manufacturers to create prototypes and begin testing their product in the wild. The Tammock is set to launch on Kickstarter in Spring 2019, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.  In the meantime, swing by their website to sign up for updates and see how to get free merch and a discount when the Tammock launches!