Why invest in design?

We get it—because we’ve been there. When you’re first starting off, finances can be tight and every penny matters. Everyone seems to be competing for your time, attention, and money, telling you that their services are indispensable to the success of your business. Here are a few reasons to consider design as a worthy investment early in the game, instead of an expense, or something to push off until later.

Design is the face of your brand.

First impressions matter. Fortunately, they don’t have to be left up to chance—they can be thoughtfully and stretegically designed to reach certain audiences and communicate exactly who you are to them. From your logo to your marketing material to the fit and finish of your products, every element of your brand reinforces an emotional response in those who encounter it. Starting out on the right foot by focusing on design early will ensure that you are in control of how potential customers see and react to your company.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

By using a professional design agency like Modaliti, you are tapping into a wealth of experience and expertise, which enables you to identify problems and opportunities for your company that you may not have noticed on your own. With hundreds of projects under our belt, we bring valuable insight to the design process which can result in vastly improved results in market positioning, manufacturing efficiency, and ultimately in customer experience. By investing early in design, unforseen difficulties such as manufacturing problems, time delays, and unnecessary costs can be recognized and avoided.

Design is not an expense, it’s an investment.

Investing in design is just that—laying a foundation that will pay dividends for years to come. It may be tempting to postpone any spending on design until revenue is flowing, but in reality, design will provide the fuel to spark revenue right from the start.

“The value of design is no longer a mystery. It has been quantified by analysts, case studies, and the market. When fully embraced, design permeates every aspect of a product and it’s company.”
-Scott Wilson

We understand firsthand that it can be difficult to know how to allocate scarce resources in the early, lean stages of your company. However, experience has taught us that focusing on good design is not only essential to blowing up your brand right out of the gate, but that it continues to provide strong returns far into the future.

Case Study: viavia

Our experience with startups is not just theoretical—we have launched multiple in-house brands and products from scratch over the years, and we know intimately the challenges and struggles that face entrepreneurs seeking to build their dreams. A recent example is viavia, a travel and lifestyle goods company that we formed in early 2017. Beginning with the simple and broad idea of providing high quality, innovative products for people on the go, we formed a visual brand identity, identified a target audience, and began conceptualizing and designing products. Among these is the water-resistant, silicone transit pouch, which raised $42,548 from 733 backers on Kickstarter, garnering attention from across the globe for its clean design and clever functionality. The strong focus on design has garnered a loyal following and laid a solid groundwork for growing viavia into a market leader.


Whether it’s developing a strategy to reach the right audience, creating the perfect logo and brand feel, or making sure your products stand out from the competition, design is an essential ingredient in the success of any new business. Scroll down to fill out a quick survey about what you’re working on to see if Modaliti is a good fit.

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