Design is your secret weapon.

You’re in the sweet spot—you’ve got momentum, you’ve got customers, and you’re ready to grow. What next? Now is the perfect time to focus on design, both in terms of your brand and its physical offerings, to define your territory and position yourself for future growth.

“Good design levels the playing field and gives you an unfair strategic advantage to compete against industry incumbents with huge marketing, advertising, and R&D budgets.”
-Scott Wilson

Unlike expenses such as marketing and promotion that yield finite results, good design is an investment that provides you with revenue-generating resources for years to come. Here are some ways Modaliti can help take your business to the next level:

Accelerate your growth through design.

New products drive excitement, and excitement drives growth. The last thing you want for your company at this stage is for your audience to lose interest, and a proven way of adding fuel to the fire is by consistently introducing fresh innovation and design into your offerings. Modaliti is equipped to help you do this in multiple ways. By analyzing your market and users to identify new opportunities to explore, by refreshing and upgrading existing products, or by creating new game-changing products to capture new markets, we are confident that leveraging design to generate excitement and build a reputation for innovation will result in increased growth for your business.

Establish your long-term identity.

Now is the time to ask important questions about your company’s future. Where do you want to be in five years? What kind of impact do you want to have in your industry? How do we want to convey ourselves to current and potential customers? Design is an essential tool in defining answers to these questions and helping your company establish a lasting place in the market. Whether it’s refining your visual identity, securing solid relationships with quality manufacturers, or introducing new products that carve out a signature look and feel for your brand, we are here to help you lay a solid foundation for establishing your voice and succeeding in the long term.

Build a loyal following.

Apple. Nike. Herman Miller. What do these companies have in common? They built cult followings through design. The look and feel of your brand and products has the power to forge lasting emotional connections with people who identify with your philosophy and mission. By effectively using design to communicate your core values and culture to your community, you can build a lasting, loyal fanbase that will support you not only by using your products, but also by enthusiastially recommending you to friends and family.

Case Study: Jimmy Styks

Jimmy Styks is a rapidly growing stand-up paddleboard (SUP) brand founded in 2009 in Huntington Beach, California. Despite having a solid foothold in the market with boards being sold at major retailers such as Costco and Cabela’s, they approached Modaliti looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their larger, more established competitors. By focusing on updated, modern board shapes and improved user experience with accessories such as fins and handles, we were able to supply them with several new and updated patentable products that dovetailed with a refreshed brand to take their business to new heights.


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