Design is your secret weapon.

You’re in the sweet spot—you’ve got momentum, you’ve got customers, and you’re ready to grow. What next? Now is the perfect time to focus on design, both in terms of your brand and its physical offerings, to define your territory and position yourself for future growth.

“Good design levels the playing field and gives you an unfair strategic advantage to compete against industry incumbents with huge marketing, advertising, and R&D budgets.”
-Scott Wilson

Unlike expenses such as marketing and promotion that yield finite results, good design is an investment that provides you with revenue-generating resources for years to come. Here are some ways Modaliti can help take your business to the next level:

Startups are hungry. Stay hungrier.

If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. As Scott Wilson, founder of MNML, puts it:

“If you are an established company, your cash cow may be at risk if you’re not constantly making the product and customer experience better. If you are not actively evolving your product, you could be a day or a month or a year away from being disrupted by a scrappy, design-driven company with much smaller resources.”

For industry leaders to remain leaders, they must stay several steps ahead of the competition, and routinely re-focusing on design is a proven way to do that.

Get a fresh perspective.

Whether your business has an internal design team or not, looking to an outside agency is an excellent way to infuse new insight and perspective into your business strategy as well as your products themselves. One of the principal advantages to involving a multidiscliplinary design firm like Modaliti in your process is the wealth and variety of experience you are tapping into. With hundreds of projects in our portfolio, we are able to make connections and bring insight to your initiatives in unexpected and valuable ways.

Expand into new markets.

One of the luxuries of being an established company is having the resources to explore new territory while remaining grounded in a time-tested brand and visual language. Design can serve as a highly effective tool in venturing into untapped markets. Modaliti has years of experience helping established brands expand their offerings to reach new audiences and continue along a trajectory of growth.

Case Study 1: Nike

Seeking to gain fresh perspective, athletic powerhouse Nike approached Modaliti to conceptualize and design a high-end athletic bag line to reach a customer outside of their typical age range. In a departure from their traditional focus on the 12-25 age range, Nike was looking to create products that appealed to a slightly more mature, 25-35 year-old audience. Through market research, user studies, brainstorming and innovative design, Modaliti was able to help Nike develop an original product line that was successful in generating increased revenue and brand presence among this targeted group.

Case Study 2: Surefoot

Surefoot is the de facto leader in custom foam-injection ski boot liners. With over 25 locations worldwide, they provide a premium customer experience and product for the most discerning skiiers. Beginning in 2007, Modaliti spent two years working closely with Surefoot to design and develop a superior, fully custom ski boot liner at a fraction of the price of the third-party liner Surefoot was purchasing at the time. This was the beginning of a fruitful relationship between Modaliti and Surefoot that has resulted in numerous innovations over the past decade which have kept Surefoot on the cutting edge of ski boot liner technology, maintaining their position as the go-to industry leader. This relationship continues to thrive today and enables Surefoot to stay agile in releasing new products and stay dominant in their core market while also expanding into new ones.


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